Estancia Branch

2nd Floor, South Wing, Estancia Mall, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

About Estancia

Our center is designed to provide a collaborative environment for individuals and businesses looking for a professional and comfortable workspace. With its sophisticated and modern industrial design, the Enderun Design & Innovation Campus provides services ideal for both start-up and seasoned companies.

Our Amenities

Access to Lounge & Common Workspaces
Use of Pantry and Restrooms
Self-service Water & Brewed Coffee
WiFi Connectivity
Electric Sockets


Got any questions?
+63 921 297 8788
1. What are your Operating Hours?
Enderun Coworking Estancia operates daily from 8:00am to 9:00pm.
2. What is your exact address?
Please see our exact address: Enderun Design & Innovation Campus, 2nd Floor, Estancia Mall South Wing, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1605
3. Do you validate parking tickets?
Unfortunately, we do not validate parking tickets.
4. Are we allowed to bring in outside food?
For tenants and hotdesk walk-ins and members, we do allow outside food. For functions and events, we only allow food catered by Enderun Banquets and Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant.
5. Are pets allowed in the center?
Pets are allowed in our center but is still subject to approval of the management. Please note that owners are liable for the well-being and safety of both their pets and the people within the center.
6. Are you a school?
The center is not a school but we do hold Culinary Short Courses and Certification Programs occasionally.
7. How do we enter before mall hours?
You may use the lobby entrance beside Pancake House to enter the mall. Take the 2nd elevator on the left to reach the 2nd floor. Turn left upon exiting the elevator and in just a couple of steps, you will be reaching the center entrance.
8. Are you open on holidays?
We are open on holidays but there are cases that management would announce a closedown in advance through our social media accounts.


As a professional in need of a flexible workspace, I recently had the opportunity to utilize the hot desk area at Enderun Coworking Estancia, and overall, it proved to be a commendable choice for my working needs.

The hot desk area at Enderun Coworking Estancia offers a versatile and productive environment. The workstations are well-designed and equipped with comfortable seating, providing a conducive setting for focused work. The ample desk space allowed me to spread out my materials and work efficiently.

One aspect that stood out to me was the reliability of the amenities. The high-speed internet connectivity was consistently stable, ensuring smooth online communication and efficient access to cloud-based applications. The availability of power outlets alleviated any concerns about battery life and kept my devices fully charged throughout the day.

The staff members were friendly and accommodating, readily available to address any inquiries or assistance required. Their professionalism and promptness contributed to a positive working experience.

Furthermore, the location of Enderun Coworking Estancia within Estancia Mall is a major advantage. The proximity to various dining options, retail stores, and services made it convenient for me to take care of personal errands or enjoy a quick lunch without disrupting my workflow.

In conclusion, the hot desk area at Enderun Coworking Estancia offers professionals a productive and versatile workspace. With comfortable workstations, reliable amenities, and a professional ambiance, it caters well to the needs of individuals seeking a flexible and collaborative environment. The overall quality and convenience make Enderun Coworking Estancia a commendable choice for professionals seeking a coworking space.

Mr. Oren Keston
Vice President for Business Development

As an institute that requires first class training facilities to support our programs, our team can attest to the exceptional service, quality, convenience, and location of the Enderun Coworking center in Estancia. Combining their deep familiarity in education alongside their foundation in hospitality, Enderun Coworking Estancia provided us with a seamless experience from the start – preparations for the training sessions were clear and straightforward and they communicated with us continuously throughout the process, adequately covering all bases. They were welcoming to our staff and to our guests, ensured that all parties were comfortable and they went above and beyond to secure all the necessary amenities that we needed to achieve our goals for our events. We are extremely grateful to Enderun Coworking Estancia for ensuring the success of our partnership with them and they will certainly be the venue of choice for our future programs.

Eleanore L. Teo
Director for Marketing & Operations
Caylum Trading Institute

At Imaginable Impact, it’s important for us to create literal and figurative safe spaces for our community of women leaders to gather, converse, connect, and collaborate. Enderun Coworking at Estancia was the perfect partner of our first-ever Sala Session–our women’s power brunch event–as they provided everything we needed to make our event truly inclusive, welcoming, and psychologically safe. Our “sala” setup was just the way we wanted it to be: cozy, comfortable, and intimate even while accommodating over 30 women. Our setup gave everyone an opportunity to be seen and heard, literally. Also, we were very particular about needing vegan dishes for certain members of our community, so Chef Bobby Leaño whipped up an amazing vegan pica-pica spread that even the meat-eating members of our community loved! Our menu was a hit!

And when we had our #WomenWednesday Co-Working Day, the environment was so relaxing yet so professional–the women who co-worked with us said they were much more productive there than working from home. (And to think some of us even brought our little daughters along!) We had a truly productive day that led to more collaborations and partnerships, just as we envisioned it.

It’s very rare for companies to walk the talk, and when Enderun Coworking declared their support for our mission to empower women leaders and co-create spaces where women thrive, they really meant it–and even went above and beyond expectations. We are very honored and grateful for their support, and we encourage anyone who wants to create a safe space for coworking, learning, creativity, and collaboration to consider Enderun Coworking at Estancia as a venue for their event or even their operations.

Ms. Nina Terol
Founder and CEO
Imaginable Impact

Podium Branch

4th Floor, The Podium ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City

About Podium

Our center is designed to provide a collaborative environment for individuals and businesses looking for a professional and comfortable workspace. With its sophisticated and modern industrial design, the Enderun Design & Innovation Campus provides services ideal for both start-up and seasoned companies.


Got any questions?
+63 921 297 8788
What amenities and facilities are available?
High-speed internet connection, free-flowing coffee, use of safety lockers, projector, and projector screen, and wireless microphones
Is it possible to network and collaborate with other professionals/clients?
We have shared spaces in the area where you can approach other professionals or clients if you wish to do so as long as it will solely be for professional matter.
Can I use the coworking space on a short-term basis or is it more suited for long-term commitments?
You may use our spaces and facilities on a short-term basis but long-term commitments are better if you’re looking for affordable spaces as we are extending discounted rates for long engagements.
Can I receive mail or packages at the co-working office?
Tenants who are subscribed to our Virtual Office Package may receive mail or packages at our Coworking Office anytime. Tenants who are subscribed to a specific rental date may only receive mail or packages during the duration of their rental.